Privacy Policy Update

The Regional Party we respect your privacy and thats why we have been reviewing our privacy policy regarding data protection to better explain how we handle your personal data.

From the 25th May 2018 new data protection laws come into effect set by the European Unions General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which allows for greater transparency on how personal data is collected.

With this in mind The Regional Party has reviewed and amended its activities regarding your privacy and protection of personal data, as required by GDPR.

Email correspondence to the Regional Party is secure and not shared with any other organisations. We will only use your personal data, such as email addresses or telephone numbers, for legitimate reasons related to the Regional Party’s work and only with your full consent. All data stored on our email server is held securely, with restricted access only available to the Regional Party and our website host and server support team for diagnostic purposes only. Emails are encoded by our email server so that no other user can access them. All data is held in a secure location.

At present, no email newsletter or marketing campaigns are sent out by the Regional Party. If any of these where to be launched in the future, our newsletters and marketing campaigns will be designed to comply with GDPR. This would include the requirement that recipients must give their specific, informed consent to opt-in to receive marketing emails.

The Regional Party will be constantly reviewing our privacy policy to ensure we operate with full transparency in the way we collect personal data. In the event of any changes to our privacy policy, we will contact all our members and affiliates about the outlined changes, as well as updating our website

Many thanks.