Regional Party of England logo English devolutionWELCOME to the Regional Party of England. This is a new political party for English devolution, democratic control, proportional representation and votes for all aged 16 and over.

We urgently need English devolution and a new political party to bring positive change. The Regional Party wants a modern, democratic and devolved England that fully represents ordinary people across all English regions.

It also wants new, constructive political relationships between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is open-minded about all possible options.

The Regional Party of England was officially registered with the Electoral Commission in October 2017.


This website highlights some of our key priorities, including:

  • English devolution, democratic control, proportional representation and votes for 16-year-olds
  • Addressing English regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Tackling insecure work, bad employers, low income and the wealth gap
  • Promoting the material and economic interests of people on middle and low incomes
  • Creating sustainable jobs, good employment and genuine economic development
  • Dealing with immigration and its economic causes
  • Winning a good Brexit settlement
  • Advocating politics – not charity or religion
  • Making politics interesting, accessible and connected to social, leisure, community and education activities,

The Regional Party only operates in England. It recognises the rights of people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to determine their own futures without interference, through devolution or independence.

However, we are not indifferent to these other nations. We would welcome genuine discussions about all the potential options for the UK’s future – unlike the big London-based Westminster parties which refuse to consider real English devolution or constitutional change. All options on English devolution need to be looked at because the centralised, outdated Westminster system is broken.

England is a more politically-volatile nation with widening and sometimes fractured public opinion. However many people also share common ground and values. A modern, fit-for-purpose devolved democracy across england and the British Isles should fully reflect this broadening spectrum of views along with the common ground. But Westminster fails to do this this because of its’ outdated and unrepresentative first-past-the-post system designed for just two big parties.


The old political parties are failing us.  Too many contemporary MPs are privileged, complacent and out-of-touch. They often behave as little more than administrators or managers rather than the energetic, political visionaries that England requires.

While the old political parties may rightly be proud of some of their historic achievements, such as the NHS, council housing or free education, they now appear increasingly empty of ideas and a sense of urgency.

The decline of the old parties and the Westminster system has been underway for decades. But it has been hastened in recent years by issues including the MPs’ expenses scandal, the rise of career politicians, MPs’ opposition to proportional representation, the growth of Scottish and Welsh devolution, and issues highlighted around the Brexit referendum.

There is no shortage of expert research and recommendations into England’s needs. Yet England has lacked a political party that is able or willing to try putting the best ideas into action. The Regional Party hopes to fill the vacuum. The time has come to raise the case for regionalism alongside fairer democratic and economic systems.


The Regional Party believes a new, co-ordinated and regionally-structured political force is required across all England to mount a serious challenge to the old parties. However some parts of England already have regional parties or movement so we would encourage discussion with them to see if there is potential for closer working?

The Regional Party will have a strong regional and democratic structure. Members will be empowered and encouraged to contribute in ways that suit them and are rewarding. Regional Party councillors and MPs will be supported and, importantly, accountable.

Furthermore the Regional Party will aim to develop a broad social, cultural and educational life. This will benefit party members but also wider communities across England, going far beyond the narrow activities currently offered by the old parties.

England, and the UK, needs change. Unfair imbalances and divisions across society harm us all differently. The Regional Party wants to turn justified public anger into focused political action.  We are patriotic to ordinary people – not privilege. Join us.

Contact: Robert MacDonald, registered as party treasurer-leader with the Electoral Commission. Email: